“The return to magic and the charm of homesickness”

“Tengo” is one of the most revered and anthological songs by the prolific Cuban composer Marta Valdés. Six years ago Haydee Milanés decided to include in her compendium of themes that contribute to Marta’s work this song, which has been covered on many occasions. Having grown up listening to the songs of the octogenarian author, he was permeated in his training as an artist with a concern that later became a commitment to rescue and bring to new generations the work of a lifetime. This time he comes to us with that soft, nostalgic and almost reflective halo from the hand of a fabulous trio that usually accompanies him to recreate that intimate atmosphere in which such a song overwhelms us. A minimal arrangement and the charm that the jazz scene grants define this installment in which it is possible to remember the Cuban filin in all its splendor. The song conveys a nostalgic and confused mood of love that cries out for an answer. It uses an audiovisual directed by Alejandro Gutiérrez that recreates precisely this introspective context, appealing to the warmth of colors, passion, melancholy and interpretation from a staging.

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