About Us

We’re a Record Label, Audiovisual Producer and Music Publisher Company belonging to the Cuban company Artex SA. With almost three decades of experience (since 1993), we have a catalogue that includes great exponents of Cuban music, from traditional and folk to the most innovative contemporary work. We pride ourselves on having a professional team with high knowledge of the products and services of the music industry and a high sense of belonging to Cuban music.

Our mission is to create, commercialize and promote cultural goods and services that distinguish us in the market for their value in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and contribute to financing the cultural development of the country.

We are proud to be the first Cuban record label to win a Latin Grammy Award with La Rumba Soy yo, in addition to obtaining several nominations in this contest.

La Rumba Soy yo
(the first Cuban record label to win a Latin Grammy Award)

With a collection of more than twenty thousand songs, we develop various lines of business from the sale of physical product in a network of stores across Cuba to the different concepts licensing and online commerce of music on digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) We also cherish, as a result of our audiovisual productions, recorded live concerts, documentaries, video clips, making off and didactic audiovisuals on file.

Our publishing catalog includes works by renowned authors. We cover the broad spectrum of genres that make up the Cuban music, which makes us the ideal option for releases, timings and audiovisual materials musicalization. We maintain working relationships with various publishers around the world and maintain a constant search for new authors, as well as international sub-editors to ensure the dissemination and exploitation of this repertoire.

We have a portfolio of musical phonographic and audio-visual projects in order to establish productive and commercial alliances in these entrepreneurship, with the added value of our experience in the field of phonographic and audiovisual production, and our contacts with great musicians and professionals in Cuba.

We provide live presentations of artists; tours and performances in international festivals associated with the phonographic and audiovisual productions of our catalog, and alsosale of accompanying physical discography in these events.