Recording Studio

Unique of its kind in the Center of Cuba, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with a hostel as an added value, which adapts to the demands of musicians and technicians to facilitate their comfort during the creative process of recorded music.

  • Recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Service of sound engineers and musical producers of experience.
  • Studio rental for audiovisual recordings.
  • Professional listeningservice.
  • Professional programs, academic services and guided tours.
  • Accommodation at HostalEusebioDelfín.
  • Bar and Restaurant Services.
  • Equipment and technical possibilities of the study:

Surface: 35 m2 (7m x 5m) (Includes the use of QRD diffusion panels.)

Control room: 20 m2 (5 x 4m) (Design based on the LEDE concept)

Near Field Monitors: amphion One18, Genelec 1031 a, Yamaha NS-10

Monitoring control: Crane Song Avocet IIA Monitor Controlle

Software: Avid Pro Tools 12

Interface:Antelope Orion 32+

Peripherals: Buzzaudio ARC1.1 Recording Channel, Focusrite  (stereo Micro- pre), Grace Design m108 – 8 ch preamplifier, Focusriteoctocpre (8 ch  Micro-pre), Reverb  Lexicon 960 L

Audio Adder: Kahayan Audio Epsilon 32-500 with SSL4000G+

Personal Monitor Mixers: Hear Technologies Hear Back Four Pack,

BehringerPowerplay  proheadphone amplifier

Micrófonos/ Microphones: Kahayan Audio 4K7 – Neumann U47 clon with 3 sound mode, JZ Microphones V67, Violet the finger Stereo pair, Neumann U87i, Neumann KM 184 (Stereo pair), AKG 414, AKG Solid-Tube, AKG Perception 200, Shure SM81, Sennheiser MD421 II, Shure SM57, Shure SM58LC, AKG 112

Headphones: AKG K271 mkII Closed-Back Isolating Studio Headphones

Midi Controller: Asturia KeyLAb88

Backup: ProPower or PurePower 1050 Battery Backup Regenerator.